We are looking for 1 (one) highly skilled and commited individual to work as a full-timer health information assistant beginning in as soon as possible for a period of at least 3 months.

Ideal candidates should:
1.Have a passion in health information and public health
2.Have strong computer and internet skills
3.Possess good communication abilities
4.Be able to write in grammatically correct English
5.Be able to work independently to solve problem
6.Be able to work under pressure

Be you an undergraduate student, intern, or fresh-graduate majoring in Medicine or Nursing, please apply by e-mail to Guardian Y. Sanjaya (gysanjaya@gmail.com):

1.A motivation letter in English explaining why we should choose you
2.A short biography (preferably a CV)
3.A transcript

The application should be received no later than 7 January 2011.
Please note that we ONLY receive online application.

Download this vacancy in PDF file :


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