We are looking for 2 (two) highly skilled and committed individuals to work as part-timer health information assistants beginning in August 2010 for a period at least 3 months.

The job will cover these responsibilities:

  1. Updating and maintaining health information system website
  2. Translating health information system website (Indonesian to English)
  3. Composing online health informatics bulletin
  4. Editing online health informatics and information system journal

The ideal candidate should:

  1. Have strong computer and internet skills including blogging
  2. Have strong writing capabilities
  3. Be able to write in grammatically correct English
  4. Be able to work independently to solve problems
  5. Be able to work under pressure

The candidate may be an undergraduate student, intern or fresh graduate majoring either in Medicine, Nutrition, or Nursing. If you meet these criteria, please send by e-mail to Aprisa Chrysantina (aprisa@mail.ugm.ac.id):

  1. A motivation letter in English explaining why we should choose you (please see the example here)
  2. A short biography (preferably a CV)
  3. A transcript if any

The application should be received no later than 21 July 2010.

Please note that we ONLY receive online application.

Download the PDF version HERE


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