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Indonesia Health Informatics Forum 2010 is Watch-Ready

Indonesia Health Informatics Forum 2010 (FIKI 2010), the first national forum in Indonesia, gathered health informatics and information system academicians, professionals, and enthusiasts from the whole country and also neighbouring countries. Keynoted by Ministry of Health, dr. Endang Sedyaningsih Rahayu and Dennis Streveler, PhD from University of Hawaii, SIMKES is happy to initiate and arrange the whole event, with support from GIZ, WHO, Telkom, and a lot more.

Now as the FIKI 2011 is approaching (to be held in November 2011), SIMKES proudly presents you FIKI 2010 in video.

Four Students of SIMKES will be Graduated on January 2011

On 26th January, 2011, Main Interest in Health Management Information System (SIMKES) S2 Public Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) will give a Master of Public Health (MPH) to prospective graduates: Al Asyari, Heri Dharma Putra, Alfred M. Saleh, and Edy Ramlan have successfully completed the study with – average satisfying predicate. Predicate Very Satisfactory successfully achieved by Al Asyari with GPA 3.71.
The prospective graduates came from the health department and hospitals at provincial and city. Congratulations to prospective graduates and hopefully someday the knowledge gained can be applied well.

Urgently Needed: Health Informatics Assistant

We are looking for 1 (one) highly skilled and commited individual to work as a full-timer health information assistant beginning in as soon as possible for a period of at least 3 months.

Ideal candidates should:
1.Have a passion in health information and public health
2.Have strong computer and internet skills
3.Possess good communication abilities
4.Be able to write in grammatically correct English
5.Be able to work independently to solve problem
6.Be able to work under pressure

Be you an undergraduate student, intern, or fresh-graduate majoring in Medicine or Nursing, please apply by e-mail to Guardian Y. Sanjaya (

1.A motivation letter in English explaining why we should choose you
2.A short biography (preferably a CV)
3.A transcript

The application should be received no later than 7 January 2011.
Please note that we ONLY receive online application.

Where will FIKI 2011 be Held?

After the success of the agenda FIKI 2010 that was held in Yogyakarta on October 21st- 26th 2010, this event need to be continued to raise the topics relevant to the development of information systems and health informatics in Indonesia. Governments, universities, industry and information system practitioner has been duly actors cooperate in determining the direction and policy information systems and health informatics in Indonesia.
Although considered its late, but the trend of information technology in the health sector continues to increase that needs to be balanced with a clear corridor, standards and rules a mutually agreed upon. Another issue is the need to attract enough staff competency standards define the information system or health informatics in Indonesia through education centers there, with great breadth of knowledge areas in this domain.
No less important is what to do after this? A simple question but quite challenging. Committee of FIKI 2010 had been designed some follow-up that could be said of small businesses for the development of information systems and health informatics in Indonesia. Presentation materials, book and video documentary proceedings can be accessed online. An educational program certification field of health information systems SIMKES-GTZ-Pusdasure will be announced next year. Online journals domain-related are also planned to be published in 2011. Please download Fiki 2010 final report details.
The next question, where is FIKI 2011 will be held?

FIKI Diary 2010: Field Trip to Health Care Institutions

Participants of Field Trip

Saturday morning at 06:00 am on October 23rd, 2010 in a part of FIKI 2010 organized by Master of Health Management Information System (SIMKES), Medical Faculty, University of Gadjah Mada that supported by Telkom Indonesia, WHO, GTZ, and media partner Trans7, participants of field trip are 28 participants and 4 companion assistance from SIMKES. Of the 28 participants came from various regions, institutions and professions there are representatives from GTZ, Airlangga University, UKRIDA, YARSI University, RSCM, SORONG Hospital, Panti Rapih Hospital, NTB health office, Central Sulawesi, East Kutai, Banda Aceh, and also students from SIMKES itself which also came from various regions and professions.

Health Information System in Bayan Primary Health Care

Field Trip visited four institutions that have implemented health information technology in service to patients and can be categorized as good and successful health information technology implementation. The first location is one of the primary health care in Purworejo namely Bayan Primary Health Care, participants viewed the user and the human resources that exist there in the service of patients starting from the registration process until the patient get a prescription drug that is served with an electronic application called SIMPUS (Management Information System of Primary Health Care). Field trip participants were greeted by Head of District Health Office and head of Bayan Primary Health Care, here presented the start point of information technology application in Bayan Primary Health Care. In a speech described in the beginning they experienced various difficulties in terms of implementation. The greatest difficulty is the human resources at that time still not familiar with technology, with strong effort and facilities provided by the health office can ultimately achieved the main goal of applying SIMPUS.

After that participants had a discussion then go to the Purworejo health office to see first data collection process and technical data collection SIMPUS of existing health centers in Purworejo, in Purworejo Health Office participants viewed the presentation Mr.Erwin as Divison Head of Data and Information of Purworejo Health Office, he explained the beginning when the area began to be interested in information technology and also explained the various kinds of barriers and obstacles faced up to this day until being successful now in their implementation. In this session also held discussion among participants, health office and primary health care, this session is to share experiences and success tips for field trip participants if they intend to try the implementation information technology in their institution.
The third location is Bethesda Hospital in Yogyakarta, at 12:30, participants were greeted by the Director of Bethesda Hospital dr.Sugianto, Sp.S., PhD, then continued presentation of materials on the implementation of information technology at Bethesda Hospital by Mr. Yusak Wibowo (PDE head) and then closed with the accompanying participants seen the implementation of information technology Bethesda hospital.
Fourth location namely Gama Medical Center (GMC), there participants where welcomed by Dr. Dicky Moch Rizal and Administrative of GMC Mr.Dudi. Presentation was held by Mr.Dudie followed by question and answer session and then participants are invited to see the implementation of information technology that has been applied here, started with registration section to the doctor’s room that already computerized.
Closing of field trip by Mr.Anis Fuad, DEA as the leader of the group, hopefully this event can make a strong motivator in the hearts of the participants to make the implementation of health information system in their workplaces as well as the places that have been visited.

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